kadi tiede

founder and lead photographer

In early 2014, I landed in Nepal with an expectant spirit and a simple mission: let my heart break open for others and never shut again to the world’s hurt. During my first week in the overwhelming chaos of Kathmandu, I wrote, “I believe God has a story for me to tell, I just don’t know what it is yet.” Habakkuk 1:5 tells us to wonder and be astounded by the work God is doing in our lives, work we would not believe even if told. I had no idea I would eventually tell the story of how Christ intercepted my heart for His mission and people.
While continuing to run my local photography business in Minnesota, I’ve been privileged with the opportunity to photograph abandoned children around the world, telling stories of grace, redemption, and interception.

laura nickel

editor and director of media & design

I have been collecting words, images, and ideas for as long as I can remember. Through the lenses of both science and art, I love to explore the connections and meaning between thingshow people relate to each other, to nature, to God, and to the world. I have a background in visual art and Psychology and currently work at Fraser Minneapolis, learning to see life through the eyes of kids with autism spectrum disorders. I also work as an independent photographer and filmmaker, trying always to find stories of beauty.